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Avionics for the rest of us

Glass cockpit avionics for the rest of us

Discontented with the ever growing costs and complexity of contemporary units and also being appalled by the crude graphics of so called low-cost units, OceanAero embarked on the development of an EFIS/PFD for the rest of us.
After multiple years of market research, design and implementation, this journey culminated in oc_EFIS/PFD, which is targeted at the Ultralight-, the LSA- and experimental aviation markets.

oc_EFIS/PFD - at your finger tips

The above image shows a screen shot from an early incomplete development phase. oc_EFIS/PFD provides a PFD (primary flight display) on the left side of the display. The right side is used to display - among other items - a moving map as well as navigation data. Clicking on the adjacent illustration will give you a somewhat enlarged version of it. The real McCoy uses an 800 pixels wide screen, which of course looks better still.

More announcement to follow

The coming months, more announcements about product development status and availability will follow.

oc_EFIS/PFD Glass Cockpit avionics by OceanAero