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M-2 Scout Specifications


An old adage is that an airplane flies as well as it looks. No doubt about it, the outer shape determines any airplane’s flight characteristics to a large degree. That’s why the Scout’s shape is largely inspired by 'Skaut', a post-WWII Czechoslovak airplane of which ease of control and timeless conception was well known.

The airframe was modified and optimized using modern methods and software so that original qualities were retained, yet contemporary demands are fully complied with. That merger results in a distinguished, “retro-looking”, airplane that any pilot will savour regardless of previous flight experience.


The airframe is a lightweight yet strong and durable all-metal structure. Besides the anti-corrosion treatment all structural joints are riveted and bonded at the same time which makes the airframe stiffer and more durable. The fixed tricycle landing gear was designed with student pilots’ harder landings in mind. A reliable Rotax 912 was chosen as a powerplant with a wide range of propellers available.


Comfort was an important design goal. With 120 cm (47 in) of width, individually adjustable rudder pedals and optimum headroom, the interior provides a pleasant environment for a pilot of virtually any size and weight. Comfortable seats with four-point safety belts offer the right feel. Great visibility enables an undisturbed situational awareness.


When talking about active safety, the stability and well balanced controls together with unobstructed view are always on the pilot’s side and particularly welcome during the approach to an airfield in a busy traffic.
Passive safety features: the fuel tanks located in the wings, remote from the crew, and an optional parachute rescue system.


The cockpit features a full dual primary controls with individually adjustable rudder pedals. Throttle and brake lever, elevator trim together with switches are located on the central panel for easy access from both seats. The same applies to the electrically actuated flaps switch, which provides three preset flap positions. Ground control is realized by a steerable nose wheel and hydraulic brakes on main wheels.


Scout M2

Being designed for MTOW 600 kg the Scout is a versatile platform offered as LSA or EASA ELA1 kitplane according to applicable regulation and customer requirements.